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Component Parts of a GRP Roof


This cross-section shows a breakdown of a typical GRP roofing installation and its component parts:


ic_01 B230 edge trim training-manual-5_ic1 ic_06 2400x600x18mm OSB3 decking
ic_02 D260 edge trim training-manual-5_ic2 ic_07 450g/m2 Chopped Strand Mat
ic_03 C100 edge trim training-manual-5_ic3 ic_08 GRP laminate (Roofing Resin reinforced by CSM)
ic_04 A200 edge trim training-manual-5_ic4 ic_09 Topcoat layer
ic_05 C1 universal external corner training-manual-5_ic5  

Most GRP roofing installations are for simple domestic flat roofs like the one shown below. Roofs like these incorporate the four most commonly used trims: A200, B230, C100 & D260. The roof shown below has been finished in a pigmented green topcoat with a non-slip aggregate finish.



ic_01 C100 Simulated lead flashing.
ic_02 The edge of this roof was masked off before the aggregate finish was applied.
ic_03 B260 raised edge trim - Used to direct the flow of water off the roof.
ic_04 C1 preformed universal external corner.
ic_05 C4 Preformed universal internal corner.
ic_06 A200 drip trim - Laid to facilitate water running off the roof.
ic_07 A slight fall is engineered into the substrate to avoid standing water.
ic_08 B260 raised edge trim.
ic_09 D260 - laminated into the substrate, remains unattached behind the C100 flashing.
ic_10 This roof is finished with a non-slip aggregate coating.