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Diamond Trim Application

E280 - Trim Application

Application Instructions

E280 is used both to create expansion joints on large roofs (over 50m2), create rolls on any ridge details and can be used to bridge GRP to felt roofs. It is compatible with C5 closures. An adequate gap in the deck should be cut if necessary, the trim should then be nailed to each end of the decking at 300mm centres. The join over the nails should then be bandaged and the laminate can be applied over the trim. To bond these trims together, or to cap with C5 closures, apply a thin strip of Diamond Trim adhesive to the inside edge of the overlapping trim and rub into place.

The E280 can also be used to bridge between a GRP and adjoining felt roof. The E280 should be fixed to the decking at the end of the GRP roof taking up the felt at the edge if possible to lay the trim underneath. The felt should either be bonded to the trim with a liberal coating of Topflex acrylic roof coating both under and over the felt layer. Alternatively, a torch-on strip can be used over the joint as the edge trim profiles are flame resistant. This should be completed before the laminate is laid over the other edge of the trim.

Trim Details

E280: Expansion joint and ridge roll for pitched roofs.



  a, mm b, mm
E280 200 60

E280 bridge to adjoining felt roof



A170/A200 - Trim Application

Application Instructions

The A type trim is a drip trim, fitted to the lowest edge of the roof usually where the rainwater flows into the gutter. Two support battens should be fixed to the perimeter of the roof to provide space for the gutter to fit behind the trim, with the outer batten attached 10mm lower than the inner batten to allow the trim to sit flush with the roof. Apply trim adhesive to the batten in 30mm beads at 300mm centres, rub the trim into place and nail to the decking. Do not nail through the front of the trim. If the pitch of the roof is only minimal, rainwater is likely to hold  behind the trim. A planning machine can be used to take 2mm off the deck to allow the trim to lay flush with the board.

Trim Details

A170: This is designed for applications where it is not possible to use the larger A200.

A200: This is the standard size drip trim.


  a, mm b, mm c, mm
A170 95 65 10
A200 95 90 10

A170/A200 typical application



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