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Diamond 20 year product guarantee

If you are a professional flat roofer that is already buying and using the Diamond flat roofing system then you already know how good it is and we know that you will continue to use it.

Diamond are so confident that their products are of the highest quality that we would also like let your customers know how good they by offering a product guarantee scheme that will complement your own workmanship guarantee.

When your customer needs a guarantee then you can simply fill out the customer details sheet, pay the administration charge and we will do the rest. This means that you can carry on using our products in the usual way and when your customer needs a guarantee system then you can offer that as well and stay ahead of the competition.

How it works

  • First you calculate the materials required for the job.
  • When you purchase your Diamond products from your stockist, ask them for the Diamond GRP Guarantee registration form.
  • Enter both your own and your customer details as well as the job description and enter the quantity of the materials and the batch numbers that you have purchased for that job.
  • Your stockist will calculate the cost of the guarantee and issue you with a copy of your registration as well as the invoice to cover the registration costs.
  • The stockist will send the completed form off to Diamond who will register the installation and return the guarantee for you to issue to your customer alongside your own workmanship guarantee when you complete the job.

The Diamond guarantee scheme means that your customer will be issued with a 20 year product guarantee certificate alongside your own guarantee and this can be an excellent way to collect payment and finalise the transaction.

In addition to the Diamond product guarantee scheme it is also possible for the contractor to register with an insurance backed workmanship guarantee such as the Homepro scheme (08707 344 344) and when when used in conjuction with the Diamond scheme then you can offer a comprehensive insurance backed guarantee.

You can download our Diamond Guarantee Form ('right click/save as' to download), print out the form, fill it out and return it to us by post (including the payment) and we will register the Guarantee and return the completed Guarantee Certificate (see sample).