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C100/C100MT - Trim Application

Application Instructions

The C trim is a simulated lead flashing, generally fitted in conjunction with the D trim. The C trim is usually fitted into a bed joint of the brickwork or a 35mm deep chase cut out with an angle grinder fitted with a mortar chase disc. Apply polyurethane adhesive to the back of the C trim every 300mm. Fit the trim into the slot and press firmly back to the wall to overlap the D trim. Apply a clear silicone sealant along the length of the trim into the slot to seal the trim in. A smooth finish can be obtained by wiping the sealant with a moistened finger.

Trim Details

C100: Standard simulated lead flashing with 100mm vertical face and 35mm wall penetration. Do not topcoat.

C100MT: As C100 with self securing moisture trap.


C100-1 C100MT-2
C100 C100MT
  a, mm b, mm
C100 35 100
C100MT 35 100

C100/C100MT typical application